Friday, September 30, 2011

Cogeco TV's James Anthony Presents LIVE! with Andre Bisson and a couple J-Tones

Andre Bisson was given the opportunity to be part of the 1st Episode of James Anthony's new show on Cogeco 23 Burlington/Niagara area. The show is called "James Anthony Presents LIVE!", a new show that allows Hamilton/Niagara musicians come and show their stuff on television. This episode was filmed at The Dutch Mill Market in the Waterdown area. We were honoured to be on the roster with great artists as Harrison Kennedy, Steve Burnside, and the talented musicians of the James Anthony and the "Eh" Team. 4 of Andre's songs were filmed and they will be spread over a few episodes this year.

Here is the first tune "One More Gig" Written by Andre Bisson

Harrison Kennedy (Top) Steve Burnside (Next photo)

James Anthony and the EH Team!

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