Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Northern Ontario Tour Update Part 1

Hey All!

So after a furious game of packing the care / tetris, we managed to pick everyone up and hit the road. After about 3m of backing up, we ran over the garbage.

So one quick false start, and we were off on the road. Traffic wasn't too bad. We managed to make good time to Perry Sound, so we took a few minutes to reflect over some Richards Coffee and Sandwiches.

The rest of the trip was rather uneventful. Some smoke stacks, a few intimate moments with a moose, and then a quick run straight to Bruce Mines Ontario.

We finally made it and the vacation can begin! So for the last two days we have been sitting around, Playin basketball (most amazing shot ever!!), Some relaxing, and a heated game of monopoly. All in all it's been a very nice couple days. Last night the other half of the band arrived at about 2am. Today more relaxing in preparation for; The Sinton Tavern in Thessalon, ON. Time to blow their minds! Stay Tuned to hear how it goes in "Andre & The J-Tones Northern Ontario Tour 2010 Update Pt 2!!"

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